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Mass. Probate Court Duties

The Mass. Probate court functions much like any other probate court in that it deals primarily with the last will and testimony of an individual as well as the estates that the individual left behind. This court ensures that the estate is properly managed and that no one is denied their right to the possessions of the deceased individual. The Massachusetts probate court does not function any differently than any of the other probationary courts within the United States.

The Mass probate court is not always necessary in order to handle the estate of the deceased individual. If the individual had shared accounts with an individual who is still alive, the living individual automatically gains total control of those accounts and the property that the shared title was under. An individual who had a small estate or limited accounts may not require the court supervision during the distribution of these assets. A will that is easily agreed upon by the family members or a system in which the family members do not fight over the belongings of the deceased individual means that the probate court does not need to be brought into the estate for supervision.

However the Mass probate court may need to be called if the family of the deceased individual begins to bicker over the estate and the properties within that estate. The probate court may also need to be called into an estate if the title needs cleared or if the individuals are unable to gain access into various bank accounts, stocks and bonds. In this case, a lawyer will need to be contacted in order to help the family navigate through the requirements that the probate court will require.
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